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  • Renovation Notes:The roof is 6 years old. Most of the units have been rehabbed with costs around $3,500 to $6,000 each. Two (2) possibly have not been rehabbed. The building was just repainted along with the installation of new surveillance cameras. The shut-off valve for the building has been replaced. Those together were over $15k.
  • All new HVAC - Over $67K:The air handlers were replaced to comply with current code. Additionally, electrical work was done as advised by a licensed electrician at the time of the HVAC upgrades, in order to comply with current code requirements.

15 Unit Multi-Family Property

The Julian Apartments

6502 E Julian Ave Indianapolis, IN 46219

This is great income generating opportunity. Take a look at this 15 Unit Multi-Family investment property, The Julian Apartments are located in the Historic town of Irvington, Indiana which offers convenient access to the City of Indianapolis.

  • Price:$749,000
    • All new HVAC
    • Updated plumbing to include property and individual unit shut off valves
    • 6 year old roof
    • Units individually metered for electricity
    • New surveillance cameras have been installed
    • Building recently repainted
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